How Did Iraq Come into Being?

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Mr. Tripp is the author of A History of Iraq.

Prof. TRIPP: Iraq was the first of the League of Nations mandate states to become independent in 1932. The British had decided quite early on that there was no need to be an imperial power in a very detailed sense in Iraq, that is administering every aspect of the Iraqi state. Rather, they should exercise what came to be called 'informal empire' in Iraq, that is a influence over the government, military basing rights, but beyond that, largely granting the Iraqis their independence. So after 1932, Iraq was formally independent. There was still, of course, a large measure of British influence and British power there, but it was certainly independent earlier than any of the other Arab states.

GROSS: What happened after Iraq got its independence? How did its own national politics start to take shape?

Prof. TRIPP: Well, one of the things that became apparent quite quickly was the fact that the British had installed a monarchy in Iraq, because that's the way the British at the time thought that you would bring a certain degree of cohesion. And they'd chosen as the monarch a member of the Hashemite family from the Hejaz in Arabia, who had been very instrumental in the Arab revolt.

And King Faisal I, the first king of Iraq, was man of extraordinary authority, and battling against great odds, both against the British and against the Iraqis, managed to forge something like a national sense of loyalty to him. But he died a year after independence, and then you had his much weaker son, and his son died in a car crash a few years later, and then his infant child. So the monarchy was in Iraq, but increasingly troubled, increasingly at odds with various factions of the Iraqi population.

And one of the things that became apparent very quickly in the 1930s was the role of the army in Iraqi politics, that is the importance of the army officers in deciding who should govern the country. And just as Iraq became the first of League of Nations mandates to become independent in 1932, it was also the first of the Arab states to suffer what one came to think of as a classical military coup d'etat in 1936, which led to a whole succession of coups and countercoups up until 1941.

GROSS: And what happened in '41?

Prof. TRIPP: Well, in 1941, the Second World War was raging, and the people who were coming out on top in Iraqi politics increasingly believed that the British Empire was about to be defeated by the Axis of Germany and Italy in Europe and North Africa, and rather unwisely sided with the Axis powers, at the same time seeking to defy British demands to send increasing troops through the Middle East via Iraq. And that led to a brief war with Great Britain in 1941, whereby the British invaded, recaptured Baghdad and reinstated the monarchy.

GROSS: And how long did the monarchy last?

Prof. TRIPP: Well, until 1958, when, again, a military coup d'etat by revolutionary army officers swept aside the monarchy, killing most of the ruling family and establishing the Iraqi republic.

GROSS: And how did the Iraqi republic compare to what had gone before?

Prof. TRIPP: In some ways, the Iraqi republic wasn't very different to the Iraqi monarchy. And I think this is one of the features that one has to take into account when looking at Iraqi history, is that whether under monarchy or under republic, one of the features was the very centralized, authoritarian state, the importance of the army in that state, the lack of truly representative life and the increasing importance of oil income. These are all features of the republic as they were increasingly of the monarchy under the Hashemite monarchs.

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Dean Inan - 12/26/2010

The question is Where did and/or Who gave these names and When did ? these Countries get named and Why ?
Was there such a tribe or sect?

fadhil - 7/19/2004

fadhil - 1/2/2004

fadhil - 1/2/2004

jon harris - 10/20/2003

you don't have anything to do a report

Amir Wahab - 8/4/2003

Although it is entertaining to read your post, it about as false as flying pigs. Reading your post has proven to me that ignorant people can be entertaining. The only thing that is flawed is your sick idea about Islam. You have no clue what the Koran is about.

Abdul-Ilah - 6/10/2003

Dear Sirs,
I'd be grateful if you send me information about a.m subject.

Albert Alessi - 6/7/2003

I wish there had been mention of Kuwait being an artificial British colonial contrivance designed to help British control the large interior. By controlling the coastal access very tightly, with a crown colony in Kuwait, the British felt they could in fact rule informally. The point is that Kuwait should always have been a part of Iraq, not that Hussein was justified in violent invasion.

tyrice white - 5/27/2003


Rick - 4/23/2003

Does the former Royal Family of Iraq have a chance for restoration now that Saddam is gone?

Kataya Urquhart - 4/4/2003

I want to know how Saddamm came into power I have heard that It was the American Government that put Saddam into power in the first place I want to know if this is true and what America has to gain in taking over Iraq now.

Is this the begining of American world domination?

-Kataya Urquhart-

David Haugen - 3/31/2003

"Saddam Hussein maintains, as a means of establishing the legitimacy of Iraq, that the country has a 5,000 year history. Mr. Tripp points out Iraq was actually the creation of the British."

The country does have a 5,000 year history. I'm familiar with and have a lot of respect for Terry Gross, but the wording of that passage bugs me. She makes it sound like the Brittish somehow invented Iraq, and that the flaunting of 5,000 years of history is mere propaganda.

David Haugen - 3/31/2003

"Saddam Hussein maintains, as a means of establishing the legitimacy of Iraq, that the country has a 5,000 year history. Mr. Tripp points out Iraq was actually the creation of the British."

The country does have a 5,000 year history. I'm familiar with and have a lot of respect for Terry Gross, but the wording of that passage bugs me. She makes it sound like the Brittish somehow invented Iraq, and that the flaunting of 5,000 years of history is mere propaganda.


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Sara - 10/6/2002

Charles Tripp--author