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Feb 18, 2005 8:55 pm

'Nuf Said ...


In addition to Tim Burke at Swarthmore, Charles Tryon at George State and Amardeep Singh at Lehigh report on their experiences in making presentations to their academic colleagues about blogging.

Edward Nowatka,"Literary Blogs Fill a Niche," USA Today, 16 Feb. Undoubtedly, they do, though Kevin Holtsberry thinks that Collected Miscellany should get some face time; and one of the better known literary blogs, Moby Lives, continues to cite stories from SwiftReport as if they were straightforward news, instead of the spoofs that they are. A lunkhead like myself could believe that moral conservatives plan to chisel the features of Abraham Lincoln into those of Ronald Reagan on Mt. Rushmore or that the Bush administration is seriously considering naming either John Ashcroft or former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore as the nation's poet laureate. Just too droll; but the Bush administration has done worse in more critical slots and it might keep Ashcroft or Moore out of greater mischief.

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