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Feb 18, 2005 6:50 pm

An Elvis Movie for All of Us

Via the latest issue of Harper's, I discovered Query Letters I Love. The manager of this blog posts"actual, honest to god query letters I've received in Hollywood," including the following gem of special interest to our readers here at Cliopatria.
"An introverted history major at Brown University is romantically involved with another history major. His hobby is guitar. Through writing songs to her about history, he is able to express his feelings about their relationship. Once she hears his songs, she is able to respond to his feelings. Their love is resolved successfully. The songs are:

Baby we need a little common sense like Thomas Paine
Baby I need a Declaration of Independence
Baby you're like The Founding Fathers they had slaves
Baby we're having a Civil War
Baby this is Guadacanal
Baby this is DDAY
Baby this is Viet Nam
Baby this is Iraq
Baby we need a Bill of Rights"
Casting suggestions? Alternate endings?

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Van L. Hayhow - 2/19/2005

This may be the best post in the history of hnn!

Jonathan Dresner - 2/18/2005

Depends on how his life went: could be Coalminer's Daughter or it could be Wayne's World. With history, of course.

Caleb McDaniel - 2/18/2005

Kinda like A Mighty Wind, but better?

Jonathan Dresner - 2/18/2005

While treatments are clearly sent to agents like this to be shared, this seems to me a violation of.... Hollywood ethics? Never mind. You know, though: a lot of movies that get made don't sound all that good in treatment form.

Jonathan Dresner - 2/18/2005

It's my understanding that the author of the ever-popular "Battle of New Orleans" was a teacher who wrote a lot of history-related songs: a biopic of him highlighting some of his other work (and the companion CD, tour, etc) might do the trick.

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