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Feb 22, 2005 10:38 am

Better late than never: Carnival announcements

(Apologies: I meant to post this at the weekend and forgot.)

First up, send your suggestions for the the 3rd History Carnival to Rob (rob AT ifanything DOT org), by 25 February. (Carnival guidelines here.)

Secondly, the 4th issue of Carnivalesque, the early modernists' blog carnival, is coming to Philobiblon on or around 1 March. Natalie is looking for good blog writing (published since about 1 January this year)on the generously-defined early modern period (c.1450-1850). Email natalieben AT

And don't forget the following Carnivals, either:

The Skeptics' Circle (next due on 3 March).

The Carnival of Bad History first issue will be at archy on (I think) about 1 March.

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