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Mar 10, 2005 10:55 am

Some Noted Things ...

Rightly, I think, Ogged at Unfogged says that"the old crew" – the"Invisible Adjunct alums" – will appreciate this discussion, but so will"the new crew" and Ogged misses a couple of the finer points in it. So, the assignment is:
a) Happy Tutor,"How to Write Like a Liberal Sack of Garbage" at Wealth Bondage;
b) scroll down through the comments until you get to Tim Burke's first comment; then read
c) Tim Burke,"Down in the Dumps" at Easily Distracted;
d) then return to the discussion at Wealth Bondage for a meaty engagement between liberal sacks of garbage and lefties in the dumps; then, read
e) Adam Kotsko,"Liberals React to the Hard Left," at The Weblog; and round it off with:
f) John Holbo,"When Whigs Attack" at Crooked Timber.
I know. I know. I've recommended some of these things before, but some of you didn't do the assignment and we'll have a pop quiz on them tomorrow.

Over at POTUS, Rick Shenkman's"Checkpoint" takes up the matter of American forces killing an Italian security agent and wounding a reporter he was guarding at a roadblock in Iraq. Earlier, I recommended that you read Jim Henley's"Understanding Neo-Imperialism" at Unqualified Offerings. But Rick points us to this PBS footage which shows how casually the checkpoints are established and how that increases the likelihood of such incidents. There's a transcript of the show here; but, as Rick says, you need to see it.

Both here and at his own blog, Hugo Schwyzer's"The Luddite Within" struck a chord with many of us, including Margaret Soltan at University Diaries. Hugo's post is well read in conjunction with Scott McLemee's"The Lecturer's Tale" at Inside Higher Ed.

Every day is International Women's Day at Cliopatria and you can read up on it with some wonderful links at Early Modern Notes and Scribblingwoman.

At Horizon, Alan Allport points to the transcript of a lecture by Jerry Kuehl, associate producer of the World War II documentary series The World at War. That launches a long, interesting discussion of whether a good documentary film has been done, re-enactment, and the folly and necessity of up-dating historical reconstructions.

Finally, Eugene Volokh's anger at the posting of photographs of his supposedly Jewish colleagues at UCLA on an anti-semitic site is more than justified. Many of us, from Ogged at Unfogged on the left to Glenn Reynolds on the right, have taken note of this and share his anger.

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