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Mar 23, 2005 10:18 pm

Juan Cole Smeared by Bogus Quotation?

Steven Plaut's article on Juan Cole for David Horowitz's Frontpage states the following:

In a New York Times editorial, [Juan] Cole said that he saw the elections in Syria as a model for other Arab countries to follow: “The last thing the Arab people need is a red herring like ‘free and open elections’ to distract them from the international Zionist/Neo-Con conspiracy to take their oil.” Professor Cole then added that President Assad’s ability to gain such a high percentage of the vote “all the while maintaining an oligarchic cult of personality oppressive regime mired in nepotism and corruption” was “truly impressive” and a positive sign of “Arab solidarity.”

Matthew Barganier reports a slight problem, however. Apparently, no such article ever appeared in the New York Times!

UPDATE: The offending passage has been removed from Plaut's article.

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Sudha Shenoy - 3/24/2005

Can I protest on behalf of lemurs: - associating decent animals with what Plaut did!

Matt Barganier - 3/23/2005

Jesse --
As soon as I read it, I Googled it and searched the Times' archives. The Plaut article is full of other gross distortions and outright lies, but I was astonished that in this case, the author seemed genuinely taken in by such a piss-poor parody.

Jesse Walker - 3/23/2005

That quote isn't just fake -- it's a fake so obvious that a retarded lemur could see through it.

M.D. Fulwiler - 3/23/2005

What a pathetic publication.

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