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Mar 28, 2005 3:28 pm

"All the Presidents' Hair" ...

Exam time! Identify the presidents by their hair styles. No cheating. I'm only posting this because I got 6 out of 7. Kevin Murphy of Ghost in the Machine, ah, didn't do as well. Back to the books for you, Kevin!

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David Lion Salmanson - 3/29/2005

Only 1 for 7 but I changed two right answers to wrong ones (Garfield and Adams) despite the fact that I always tell my students that your first hunch is usually correct. D'oh!

Jonathan Dresner - 3/28/2005

Yeah. In my defense, I was never off by more than about two terms: it's quite an interesting look at evolving hairstyles, if nothing else. Kind of odd how many of our mid-20th century presidents were balding....

Manan Ahmed - 3/27/2005

yeah. me two. I only got 3.
The thing is totally rigged anyways because everyone before 1963 wore those white powdered wigs, making the "haircuts" inaccessible to the general public.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/27/2005

Ugh! The British PMs. I think I could do Churchill and Thatcher.

Sharon Howard - 3/27/2005

Which means you did one better than me. I hadn't even heard of two or three of 'em. (I have my doubts that I'd do much better if it were British PMs though...)

Jonathan Dresner - 3/27/2005

... which is the only thing that comforts me about getting one out of seven correct.

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