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Apr 22, 2005 9:19 pm

Grand Valley State Grovel Watch

The College Republicans at Grand Valley State University in Michigan are still degrading themselves. They are doing their best to appease the administration and show that they are sorry, yes truly sorry, for holding an affirmative action bake sale. Naturally, the GVSU administration has not hesitated to make the most of the situation by twisting the knife. It has put the chapter on probation and required a public apology. One administrator piously proclaims that the controversy provides a "learning opportunity" to"educate" the benighted.

The only bright spot in this sad affair is the admirable behavior of Kyle Rausch, the ex-head of the chapter. He has continued to stand up for campus free speech against the combined forces of GVSU's administration, timid College Republicans on campus, a cringing faculty advisor, and the Ottawa County Republican party. Says Rausch, “I no longer consider myself part of an organization which is so willing to apologize for their opinions.”

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