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May 5, 2005 11:15 am

Journalistic Ethics

Is it just me, or there something unethical with this sort of story? (I don't want to repeat the headline or topic - otherwise I'd be guilty of just what I'm complaining about.) CNN gets wind of an allegation, pumps out a story with a headline that loudly and unequivocally announces the allegation as fact, buries parenthetically at the bottom what is virtually proof that the allegation is false. So, if you're the sort who reads the whole thing, and are good at ignoring headlines in favor of substantive analysis, you won't be misled, but most people will be. That seems to me to be unethical. NB-I'm not saying this just because it's Frank, this is a practice I've seen them, and others, do before.
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Gary McGath - 5/9/2005

CNN did the same thing here, with a headline of "Report: Mars lander wreckage found," followed by an article that actually says only that a blurry dot on a photograph might be the remains of the lander.

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