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Dec 1, 2009 5:54 am

2009 Cliopatria Award Nominations: BEST WRITER

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best writer on a history blog since 1 December 2008. [registration not required to post nominations, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include a URL for the posts (not just a URL for the blog). You many nominate as many posts or series as you wish in this category, and you may nominate individual blogs or bloggers in other categories as well.

If you want ideas of blogs or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival or its related carnivals.

Bloggers do not need to be academic historians. If you're not sure whether a blog or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact Ralph Luker or leave a comment here.

Judging Committee: Rob MacDougall, Manan Ahmed, Jeremy Young
[Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2009

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Jonathan Dresner - 11/30/2009

I've got to nominate John McKay.

Katrina Gulliver - 11/29/2009

Just realised that an earlier post also nominated Jo.

Katrina Gulliver - 11/29/2009

I would like to nominate Jo Guldi, of

An urban historian, she also discusses social sciences and digital research at length.

Suzanne Fischer - 11/12/2009

I'd like to nominate Jo Guldi for

Sample excellent posts:

Executed Today - 11/7/2009


Thanks, Tim. What an honor to have such an effusive nomination from such an amazing blogger.

I don't know if they sustain the acclaim ... but some of the least-worst Executed Today posts of the past year can be browsed here.

Simon Mills - 11/7/2009

I would like to nominate Olivia Smith, author of the blog 'Airs, Waters, Places: The seventeenth-century environment'.

Here is the link:

The blog presents well-chosen, often idiosyncratic, passages from early modern texts broadly relating to attitudes towards and understandings of the natural world. The author's scholarly and creative analysis subtly contextualizes and illustrates the texts, often highlighting interesting uses of language.

Tim Abbott - 11/6/2009

I would like to nominate "The Headsman", proprietor of the Blog Executed Today. Here is the about page:

This blog is self described as: "a blog of history, sociology, biography, criminology, law, and kismet — an unrepresentative but arresting view of the human condition across time and circumstance from the parlous vantage of the scaffold."

It is also engagingly written, and maintains a high standard on a daily basis. I believe this blog deserves more notice from the history blogging community, not the least of which for its excellent writing.

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