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Dec 1, 2009 5:54 am

2009 Cliopatria Award Nominations: BEST SERIES OF POSTS

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Please submit, in comments below, your nominations for the best blog post series by historians or about history published since 1 December 2008. [registration not required to post nominations, but the usual rules of civility and conduct still apply] Nominations will be accepted from November 1st through 30th.

Please include a URL for the posts (not just a URL for the blog). You many nominate as many posts or series as you wish in this category, and you may nominate individual blogs or bloggers in other categories as well.

If you want ideas of blogs or writers to nominate, see the History Blogroll or past editions of the History Carnival or its related carnivals.

Bloggers do not need to be academic historians. If you're not sure whether a blog or blogger qualifies as"history," nominate them anyway and the judges will make a final determination. If you have questions, feel free to contact Ralph Luker or leave a comment here.

Judging Committee: Paul Harvey, Chris Jones, Randall Stephens
[Judges are ineligible to win awards they are judging, but feel free to nominate them for something else!]

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Jonathan Dresner - 12/1/2009

Nominations are now closed. Winners will be posted here when they are announced at the AHA in January

Evangeline - 12/1/2009

Georgiana's Gossip Guide - Tart of the Week -

Marie-Anointette Gossip Guide - Femme of the Week -

John Ptak - 12/1/2009

Okay, I'm self-nominating for my continuing series "On the History of Dots". It has been the most fun to do this year.

Jonathan Dresner - 11/30/2009

I'll nominate John McKay's Mammoth Blogging, a multilingual, scientific and cultural odyssey.

Jonathan Rees - 11/29/2009

Richardson's Rules of Order at the Historical Society blog. Randall knows where it is or just go here:

Katrina Gulliver - 11/29/2009

I would like to nominate Kevin Levin of Civil War Memory for his series of posts on black confederates, a theme he has been discussing all year.

Some of those posts linked here:

Nick Poyntz - 11/29/2009

The Eastern Association is an ongoing series of linked posts which tells the history of the early stages of the civil war through the fictional Holyfen family, and the real-life figures they encounter. It starts in the summer of 1642 as war is breaking out across England and subsequent posts continue the story.

Brett Holman - 11/29/2009

Alan Allport's year-long, daily (!) series on British demobilisation after the Second World War.

David Silbey - 11/28/2009

I'll nominate myself, for the series on the "Boxer Uprising Day to Day" at Edge of the American West:

Sarah Werner - 11/27/2009

I'd like to nominate a series of posts I wrote at Wynken de Worde about digitizing books:

1) navigating the information landscape:

2) democratizing early english books:

3) accessing and looking at books:

Suzanne Fischer - 11/10/2009

Text Analysis of Martha Ballard's Diary, by Cameron Blevins on Historying:

Thomas MacEntee - 11/6/2009

The series on Marjorie Pauline Frost:

Tim Abbott - 11/6/2009

As a past recipient of a Cliopatria award in this category, I would rather see another worthy series of posts from another blog receive this recognition. Nonetheless, I have written a series of five posts this year on Margaret Corbin, the first woman to receive a military pension in the US for heroic service in battle, and would like to offer them for your consideration.

Best regards,
Tim Abbott of "Walking the Berkshires"

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