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May 21, 2005 12:48 am

Noted Here and There ...

Given increased numbers of Harvard doctors at Cliopatria and our innocense of Yalies, you cannot expect George Will's"History's Higher Ground" Washington Post, 19 May, to be looked on favorably here.

Keith Stewart Thomson,"Dinosaurs as a Cultural Phenomenon,"American Scientist, May-June, is a fascinating piece on the modern pre-occupation with the dinosaur. Thanks to Dale Light of Light Seeking Light for the tip.

History Week at Slate continues, but David Greenberg's"That Barnesand Noble Dream," which I rather liked, is taking hits left and right or Left and Right on the lit crit blogs. See: Edward Champion at Return of the Reluctant and Kevin at Collected Miscellany.

Congratulations to Rebecca Goetz on her first academic publication:"General Artemas Ward: An American Revolutionary Remembered and Reinvented, 1800-1938," Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, vol. 113, no. 1 (2003)."Yes, it is backdated," she says,"don't ask." But it's backdated only two years. In 1989, I published an article in the volume of a journal that is dated 1984. Just call it being precocious. Anyway, at (a)musings of a graduate student, Rebecca has lots of intriguing posts up about things like inter-racial fornication and such like in the 17th century Chesapeake Bay. Speaking of fornication, Dr. History wishes"Happy 45th Birthday to the Birth Control Pill." This is all a little kinky for me, but if it doesn't slake your thirst, David Noon's Axis of Evel Knieval has become Google's #1 site for"Albino Fetish".

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