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May 31, 2005 9:52 pm

Deep Throat Revealed?

It appears as if Slate's Tim Noah was correct in his speculation from 1999 and 2002: a report out this morning says that Mark Felt, now 91 years old and in the early 1970s the #2 man in the FBI, is saying that he was Deep Throat. All those who were hoping for Pat Buchanan to have been the secret source for the Woodward/Bernstein stories will be disappointed.

Update, 3.10pm: Here's the Vanity Fairpiece detailing Felt's admission.

Update, 5.51pm: Woodward, Bernstein, and Ben Bradlee confirm that Felt indeed was Deep Throat, while Noah does an on-line chat about the topic.

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Timothy James Burke - 6/1/2005

Always wondered when we'd finally find out.

Now I'll watch with some interest what happens next. It seems obvious to me that Felt is a good example of what *should* happen in public service, though even more ideally it should involve going public. There's a lot to say about this story now that we can rake over the coals and refresh it a bit.

Manan Ahmed - 5/31/2005

I thought he'd be taller.

Also, did you all see this? Summer camp stories, eh.

Jonathan Dresner - 5/31/2005

Their initial reaction was guarded. this is not.

Jonathan Dresner - 5/31/2005

...Woodward and Bernstein won't confirm. Wonder if Felt's the only person who thinks he's Deep Throat?

Jonathan Rees - 5/31/2005

...I thought Deep Throat was Hal Holbrook.


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