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Jun 15, 2005 1:49 pm

The AAUP's Blissful Ignorance

Despite such high profile cases as those of Steve Hinkle and Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the AAUP's persistent inability (or, more likely, stubborn unwillingness) to recognize leftist violations of academic freedom gives every indication of being incurable.

As K.C. Johnson puts it, to "the AAUP, the internal threats to academic freedom that represent the majority of FIRE’s cases don’t seem to exist. Instead, their view of academic freedom is like LBJ’s grandmother’s nightgown—covering everything a professor might do or say, provided that the professor’s attitudes are acceptable to the current academic majority."

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William Marina - 6/17/2005

The American University is moribund. Read the newbook on University, Inc., and that doesn't even get into the gov't-military aspect of research.

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