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Jun 17, 2005 12:29 am

I can't believe I'm writing about Bryan LeBeau

Yesterday, intrigued by Ed Muller's finding of a second instance of LeBeau's plagiarism, I went ahead and submitted the entire LeBeau speech for a review by TurnItIn. I found only the Cornell West and Russell Baker borrowings, none other.

Then today I got an email through TurnItIn. You see, if I as an instructor find text matching another student paper once submitted to TurnItIn, I may contact the instructor involved and ask permission for TurnItIn to forward the whole paper. This particular email came from, you guessed it, the University of Missouri at Kansas City:

>"How did you gain possession of the UMKC 2003
> Commencement speech by Bryan
> LeBeau?"

So I answered with a link to Ralph's posting, and the link to the 2003 speech text there at . Just trying to be helpful, you know.

Well, UMKC has of course cleaned that speech off its website. (The dude who contacted me is Andrew Goodenow, Manager Electronic Communications, UMKC.) Fine. That's their right. My only regret is having wasted five minutes helping them do it.

So I'm spending another ten minutes here helping you, the reader, find the text. It remains" cached" on Google. Here's how you find it:

We're talking key words Bryan LeBeau, University of Missouri at Kansas City, commencement address, December 2003. The Google search for the text now yields a dead link, but the text is cached here on Google.
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