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Jul 1, 2005 8:34 am

Carnivals and Memes ...

History Carnival XI is up at Siris! Go have a look and linger over it. While you are there, tell Brandon Watson what a fine job he did.

Jonathan Dresner will host Carnivalesque, the early modern festival, here at Cliopatria on Tuesday 5 July. Send your nominations of posts appearing in the last two months about the period from roughly 1450 to 1850 C. E. to Jonathan, dresner*at*Hawaii*dot*edu, by Monday.

Caleb McDaniel will host the next History Carnival XII at Mode for Caleb on 15 July. You can send your nominations to him at calebmcd*at*

At Inside Higher Ed, Scott McLemee tosses out the challenge of a meme to several of the Cliopatricians.

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Sharon Howard - 7/1/2005

Because he's on holiday for a couple of days and might be too modest to mention it anyway, our Caleb has a piece in the new issue of Commonplace online journal, too.

All bloggers should read it.

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