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Jul 5, 2005 2:14 am

This Week At Cliopatria ...

Tomorrow, 5 July, Jon Dresner will host Carnivalesque Button, the Early Modern festival, here at Cliopatria. If you have posts to nominate that relate to the period from roughly 1450 to 1850 C. E. and have appeared within the last two months, please send them to Jon, dresner*at*hawaii*dot*edu, immediately.

On Thursday, 7 July, Cliopatria will feature its second symposium, on Gary B. Nash's"America's Unfinished Revolution," Chronicle of Higher Education, 1 July. While that link is subscriber only, we hope that HNN will have permission to reproduce the article on its mainpage by Thursday. Cliopatria's first symposium on Barry Gewen's"Forget the Founding Fathers," New York Times, 5 June, featured commentary by five Cliopatricians and a response by Gewen. We've invited Nash to respond to the symposium on Thursday, as well. Already, I have a comment on Nash's article by Wilson Moses, one of our Contributing Editors. All Cliopatricians are invited to send their comments on it to ralphluker*at*mindspring*dot*com by Wednesday. I'll collate and post them on Thursday.

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