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Jul 14, 2005 9:15 am

More Things ...

Academic Politics! Scott McLemee's"A Classic Revisited," Inside Higher Ed, 14 July, takes another look at F. M. Cornford's Microcosmographia Academica.

Carnival! Caleb McDaniel will host the History Carnival on Friday 15 July at Mode for Caleb. Send your nominations of the best in history blogging since 1 July to calebmcd*at* today. By the way, Jon Dresner noticed that blog carnivals have gotten the attention of the New York Times. Does that mean they've arrived, or what?

Cheers! There's cause for celebration all over UCLA. Michael Benson has passed his #$#%! French exam and Eugene Volokh has become the Gary T. Schwartz Professor of Law at the University. So, here's a toast to Michael and another to Eugene! We could use a few more achievements around here so there'd be more cause for drink!

Civil War! Mark Grimsley has an excellent series,"The Civil War as a People's War", up at Blog Them Out of the Stone Age: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and more to come.

History and Film! Stuart Jeffries,"Hollywood Does History," The Guardian, 13 July, argues that Hollywood almost never does history very well. What's more, we're about to get more of it. Thanks to Manan Ahmed for the tip.

Theory Event! Tim Burke's"Book Notes: Theory's Empire," Easily Distracted, 13 July, is his contribution to The Valve's July Book Event.

Grand Unified Theory! Speaking of theory, the nomination of Karl Rove to the Supreme Court would epitomize the madness of contemporary American politics. It's being joked about Left and Right. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the tip. Actually, I agree with Glenn that Eugene Volokh would make an excellent nominee to the Court.

Ah, Liberty!Cliopatria's had some memorable verbal sparring and forgettable flame wars in the last 18 months, but we've been relatively civil compared with our neighbors at Liberty&Power, where one person's call for civility is another's"gag order."

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