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Aug 5, 2005 4:23 pm

A Cliopatria Symposium ...

On August 8th, Cliopatria will have our third symposium on Empires, their foibles and alternatives to them.

The main article under discussion will be Ikira Iriye's Beyond Imperialism: the new internationalism. The article was recently published in Dædalus [Spring 2005]. I want to thank HNN editor Rick Shenkman for arranging republication rights as well as painstakingly reproducing it on HNN.

Also, in the same issue is a piece by Niall Ferguson entitled, The Unconscious Colossus: limits of (and alternatives to) American empire. I have included it for discussion but, unfortunately, we do not have permission to reprint the article for our audience.

So, please read the Iriye article and I look forward to posting our contributions on Monday. If you comment on these articles on your blogs elsewhere, please drop me a line at mananATuchicagoDOTedu or in comments here and I will be sure to reference it.

Our past Symposia.
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