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Aug 22, 2005 12:21 am

Early Modern Carnivalesque!

Carnivalesque Button

On Monday September 5, I will be hosting the next Early Modern edition of Carnivalesque over at my other home, (a)musings of a grad student.

September 5 might seem like a long ways away, but with the chaos of the beginning of the semester, I figured I'd give y'all plenty of notice! So please send on your nominations of quality blog posts (preferably posted since July 1) on any topic to do with the period between (approximately) 1500-1800 AD, to me by midnight 4 September, at: rgoetz{AT}fas{DOT}harvard{DOT}edu.

I take the"approximately" part of that very seriously--if you've written a piece or seen a good blog post that's a little before 1500 or a little after 1800, send it along! The more the merrier, and I'm mighty interested to see what y'all send me. Please make sure you put ‘Carnivalesque’ in the title of your email so it will go through my junk mail filters.

If you haven’t written anything lately, you’ve got plenty of time! So, early modernists and early modernist-wannabes, get writing and send me your nominations! I'm a great fan of carnivals; I think they're a great way to showcase the best posts history bloggers have to offer. So let's make the next Early Modern Carnivalesque one for the history books! (heh heh)
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