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Oct 1, 2005 9:46 pm

Radio Free Roderick

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

During the last Mises University I was interviewed by the dreaded MISEScreants -- known by day as GMU economics grad students Adam Martin and (Molinari Institute Research Fellow) Dan D'Amico. Click here to hear my idle musings on Aristotle, Kant, Wittgenstein, Mises, Hayek, Herbert Spencer, Benjamin Tucker, Gustave de Molinari, the Molinari Institute, the Mises Institute, the Auburn Philosophy Department, apriorism, anarchism, feminism, libertarian factionalism, and free-market anti-capitalism. (I had a bad cold that week, so please bear with my frequent coughing and even-worse-than-usual voice.)

Audiofiles of some of my Mises U. talks from that week are also now online: Mises versus Friedman on Method, Apriorism and Positivism in the Social Sciences, and Ethical Assumptions of Economics.
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Sheldon Richman - 10/2/2005

I listened to it yesterday. Excellent!

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