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Dec 12, 2005 6:03 am

Awards and Carnivals

Awards: It's award season for bloggers. Judges for The Cliopatria Awards are making their decisions. Elsewhere, Frog in a Well and other history bloggers are competing in Wizbang's The Weblog Awards. aggregates posts from nearly a thousand military blogs and is hosting the competition for the 2005 Milbloggies. Our own Mark Grimsley's Blog Them Out of the Stone Age has a good chance of winning a Milbloggie in the"Best U. S. Civilian Blog" category. You can give Mark some support, if you register here, then, go here, scroll down, and click on"Add to Favorites."

Carnivals: As Sharon Howard notes, it's also carnival season for history bloggers. The Asian History Carnival will be up today at Munnin. But there's still time to nominate posts for the History Carnival at Frog in a Well/Korea and the Teaching Carnival at New Kid on the Hallway on the 15th; the Carnival of Feminists on the 21st; and the Carnival of Bad History on the 22nd.

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