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Dec 16, 2005 9:51 am

Awards Update

Nominations are open at Wampum for The Koufax Awards, which are dominated by Lefty blogs. Among history bloggers, Juan Cole's Informed Comment has owned the"Best Expert Blog" category there for two years, but there are also 14 other categories in which history bloggers are eligible. So, go, nominate!
In other competitions, voting has just ended in Wizbang's The Weblog Awards. Congratulations to Alfredo Perez, whose Political Theory Daily Review appears to have won in the Best of the Top 1750-2500 category.
Among the military bloggers aggregated at, voting continues until 31 December. Our own Mark Grimsley's Blog Them Out of the Stone Age is leading in his competition for a Milbloggie in the Best U. S. Civilian category. So, go, vote!
Judges for history blogging's The Cliopatria Awards continue their deliberations. The winners of The Cliopatria Awards will be announced on 7 January at the American Historical Association convention in Philadelphia.
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