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Dec 17, 2005 5:11 pm

Some Noted Things

In case you missed them, here are the 2nd Asian History Carnival, the 22nd History Carnival, and the 4th Teaching Carnival. Upcoming: the Carnival of Feminists on 21 December and the Carnival of Bad History on 23 December.

In"Spirit Fingers" at the Old is the New New, Rob MacDougall has the first of a series of posts that begins to re-think 19th century spiritualism as a"failed technology."

In case you didn't catch it in comments, I have officially been called a"political fanatic" by David Horowitz. Why does that amuse me?

JibJab presents"2-0-5 George Bush's Year in Review." Thanks to Mark at Big Tent for the tip.

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John H. Lederer - 12/17/2005

As one who generally disagrees with Ralph Luker I would not regard him as a "political fanatic". Not even a "nattering nabob of negativism". "Hopeless, hysterical hypochondriac of history" has a certain topical appeal, but I cannot even say that it fits.

Sigh. One is just left with the catchall "liberal".

Of course, "political" is an important qualifier. I have no knowledge of why those faculty meetings take so long, and consequently do not know whetehr they might actually be cover for the orgiastic rites from which the word "fanatic" is derived".

(grin, if not obvious from the context)


Ralph E. Luker - 12/17/2005

Thanks. Fixed.

David T. Beito - 12/17/2005

The link for our Horowitz doesn't work.

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