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Dec 27, 2005 5:11 am

Cliopatria's Debts

Scott Eric Kaufman didn't tap me for his meme, but the year is drawing to a close and it's time to look back with words of thanks. Cliopatria is immensely grateful to its sponsor, History News Network, and its other blogs, particularly Liberty & Power, POTUS, and Theory & Practice, which mediate about half of her traffic. But Cliopatria's an attractive and promiscuous girl, who has a lot of debts to acknowledge. After HNN, her greatest obligations are to:
Crooked Timber
Easily Distracted
Brian's Study Breaks
The Weblog
(a)musings of a grad student
Political Animal

Cliopatria is also grateful to the host of other history blogs that are directly affiliated with her: Manan Ahmed's Chapati Mystery, Chris Bray & Co. at Historiblogography, Miriam Burstein's Little Professor, Jim Cobb's CobBloviate, Jon Dresner & Co. at Frog in a Well, Mark Grimsley's Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, Sharon Howard's Early Modern Notes, Rob MacDougall's Old is the New New, Caleb McDaniel's Mode for Caleb, Scott McLemee's Cogito, ergo Zoom, Nathanael Robinson's Rhine River, and Hugo Schwyzer's Hugo Schwyzer.

Perhaps most importantly, Cliopatria is indebted to over 300 history bloggers on her History Blogroll and their readers. Thank you, all.

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Rebecca Anne Goetz - 12/28/2005

Aw, shucks, Ralph, thanks for the thanks but (a)musings is quite undeserving. Her author has been the quietest of the Cliopats this semester. :) I promise to be more involved next semester!

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