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Dec 27, 2005 10:03 pm

Things Noted Here and There

Andrew Sullivan announces the winners of the Malkin Awards for 2005. The awards are given for"hyperbolic, divisive, mean-spirited, far-right boilerplate, of the kind Malkin produces on an almost hourly basis."

If you value smart observation, good writing, and a keen wit, you should be following Chris Bray's posts from the Middle East at Historiblogography.

Rob Capriccioso,"‘Little Red Book,' Big Fat Lie," Inside Higher Ed, 26 December, updates and corrects IHE's earlier story.

At Siris, Brandon Watson expresses his reservations about Brian Ogilvie's"Why the Court's Dover Decision is a Triumph for Religion as well as Science," HNN, 26 December.

Ben Feller,"History Texts Take Up Clinton Impeachment," AP, 27 December, looks at how history textbooks have begun to treat former President Clinton's impeachment.

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