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Dec 27, 2003 6:43 am


I have already mentioned that pro-war bloggers often stress the involvement of extreme Marxist groups, like International ANSWER, in the anti-war movement. As far as it goes, it is entirely just and proper for them to point this out. International ANSWER is indeed a slimy group.

However, according to Justin Raimondo's column today , the pro-war effort to root out and expose commies is conveniently selective. Many of the same bloggers who effusively praised the demonstrations earlier this week in Iraq, for example, were completely silent about the significant role played by the Communist Party in bringing them about. The Communists were highly visible at the rallies. Scores of them proudly marched with flags depicting the hammer and sickle. In the past, conservative websites have often highlighted photos of similar demonstrators carrying pro-commie signs and banners at antiwar rallies, but strangely not in this case. Apparently, for some on the pro-war side, red-baiting is only a one way street.

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