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Dec 27, 2003 6:43 am


Allen Brill at The Right Christians “nearly gagged” when he saw my comparison of Luther (at least as depicted in the movie) to a Randian hero. He proceeds to give many examples of how Luther and Rand differed on range of issues including the role of greed, etc.

My comparison was a limited one and not intended to be revisionist history. I was arguing that Luther, like a Randian hero, was a rare example of an individual who showed integrity by risking all to stand up for an unpopular cause. I would not pretend to argue that Luther was a"Randian" in other respects. He certainly was not. As the proud grandson of Rev. Gudbrand Gudbrandson Beito of Rolling Forks Lutheran Church in Rolling Forks, Minnesota, I am fully aware of the differences.

As I grow older and observe the chocolate-eclair like pliancy and complacency of so many of my colleagues in higher education, I have come to appreciate more than ever just how rare it is for people of good will to swim against the tide of conformity. The question of whether I agree with them in all other respects seems less important, at least in that context.

Arthur and Chris: comments?

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