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Jan 27, 2006 2:20 pm

Around the Web

Inside Higher Ed reports on an Ohio State proposal to revamp its general education requirements. Among the components: creating large thematic interdisciplinary courses, while eliminating the current requirements that students take 6 credits in US history. Most unfortunate.

Excellent piece in Slate on"the power madness of King George."

As promised by NYU president John Sexton, those TA's who choose not to teach will not receive spring-term teaching stipends.

A conference at Bar-Ilan University takes aim on the academic boycotts of Israel and the pervasive anti-Israel sentiment among some quarters of the academy.

Seems like bloggers on the right don't like John McCain. But they do like Rudy?

With Robin Givhan, faux blowhard Stephen Colbert discusses how to make a power statement with fashion in the Washington political scene.

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John H. Lederer - 1/28/2006

Do you think an article filled with bombast and exaggeration while ignoring relevant legal decisions is really "excellent"?

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