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Jan 29, 2006 1:53 pm

On the Web

Princeton's Robert George urges colleges to spend more time teaching civics--a good idea in theory, though I'm skeptical as to whether George would be comfortable with how today's professoriate would teach civics.

The New Republic looks at Latin America, and issues"a bold call for inaction" in light of the growth of the anti-American left. This is probably the best policy, but isn't this the approach the Bush administration has been following since 2001?

Gotham Gazette looks at the declining pay scales among public university professors in New York.

James Ryan with a skeptical view of the recent Breyer and Cass Sunstein critiques of originalism. I'm far more persuaded by the duo, especially by Sunstein's book.

The Chronicle's coverage goes national, in a potentially important way, as"reform" majority leader candidate John Boehner's support from for-profit colleges and the student loan industry comes under review.

Heather MacDonald provides a strong critique of the ideological agenda offered in law school clinics.

Lewis Gould argues that the State of the Union address no longer serves any purpose.

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