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Feb 25, 2006 5:27 am

Saturday News

Video and photos of yesterday's rally in support of Denmark, outside the Danish embassy in Washington. For those who couldn't attend the rally and don't like Danish products, another way of showing sympathy for the Danes.

I have a piece at Inside Higher Edcritiquing my friends at the PSC, CUNY's faculty union.

Ohio is one of 16 states whose legislature is considering proposals to outlaw gay adoption (initiatives that would hand almost no chance of passing constitutional muster); a Dem state representative gently mocks the proposal.

The New Republic notes the story of one of the Dems' key recruiting victories of the 2006 elections--the fact that Katherine Harris is the all-but-certain GOP nominee in Florida. To counter, a Republican recruiting victory of a similar type: the Dem frontrunner in Ohio's 6th district--an open seat being vacated by a Dem incumbent running for governor--failed to secure enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. How many did he need--2000? 1000? Try 50. (He only got 46.)

A remarkable document from 9-11 showing Donald Rumsfeld's early attempts to link a response to Iraq to the attacks.

And an educational outrage :) in Newfoundland and Labrador: the provincial governornment sends all schoolchildren home early . . . so they could watch the curling finals. (The local team won the gold medal.)

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