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Apr 7, 2006 6:22 pm

Cliopatria Welcomes Taylor Owen

With pleasure, we welcome Taylor Owen to Cliopatria. A native of British Columbia, Mr. Owen did his undergraduate work at Bishop's University in Quebec. After earning an M.A. in geography at the University of British Columbia, he spent a post-graduate year at Yale and is now a doctoral candidate at Jesus College, Oxford. His research is on human security in highly vulnerable countries, issues of war and peace, development policy, and international affairs. The recipient of many honors and awards, he is the book review editor of Security Dialogue and a research associate at Oslo's International Peace Research Institute (PIRO) and Vancouver's Liu Institute for Global Issues. Mr. Owen has worked on a wide range of policy reports with the the Canadian, Norwegian and Cambodian governments and the United Nations. He has given presentations and lectured at Brown and Yale in the United States and conferences throughout North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. His published articles and book reviews appear in Disarmament Forum, The Journal of the Human Environment, Political Geography, the Journal of Peace Research, Security Dialogue, St. Anthony's International Review and elsewhere. He blogs at Taylor, where his published writings can also be found, and now, at Cliopatria. It's a pleasure to welcome him.
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Manan Ahmed - 4/7/2006

Glad to have you here, taylor!

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