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Apr 23, 2006 4:27 am

Sunday Misc.

The AP has an interesting article on a heretofore little-explored aspect of the politics of immigration—the way in which the issue might form a wedge between the GOP and Catholics.

A potential scandal at Penn State: the university canceled an art exhibit by a Jewish student, whose work dealt with the effects of Islamic terrorism. The director of the school’s visual arts program proceeded on the grounds that the exhibit"did not promote cultural diversity" or"opportunities for democratic dialogue.” He cited Penn State’s “Statement on Nondiscrimination and Harassment” and “Zero Tolerance Policy for Hate.” In an Orwellian addition, Penn State’s spokesman noted, “We always encourage those who are offended by free speech to use their own constitutional right to free speech to make their concerns known . . . We don't have a right to hide art."

Mayor Ray Nagin came first in the New Orleans mayoral primary yesterday--but with well short of the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. The state's lieutenant governor, Mitch Landrieu (brother of LA's senior senator), finished a strong second.

In more ill fortune for Duke, this is alumni weekend—and President Richard Brodhead received some tough questioning from alumni regarding the university’s decision to suspend Reade Seligmann, who was indicted despite strong exculpatory evidence (which the D.A. refused to review before he proceeded). The indictment of Seligmann, who was well-liked and had no disciplinary or other problems, appears to have turned the tide on campus, leading students to begin standing up for the players—who have experienced what at best could be termed erratic behavior from the D.A.

Was the Vice President actually attending an unusually dull OAH panel? Perhaps Cliopatriarchs who were on the scene can report.

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