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Apr 28, 2006 2:58 pm

DaVinci Code Ruling

We need more judges like this in the United States: the judge in the lawsuit against Dan Brown inserted a historically informed item, in secret code, into his ruling, based on a key event in military history roughly 100 years before the trial.
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Jonathan Dresner - 4/29/2006

How do you know that he didn't?

For the record, though it might make me a humorless git, I think treating legal decisions like personal literary works is a trend we will (because I strongly suspect that it's gonna catch on) regret rather than applaud.

Manan Ahmed - 4/28/2006

I would have agreed if KC had put a KC Code in the post solved to a little know Congressional fact of American history.

Adam Kotsko - 4/28/2006

in the history of your career as a blogger.

Thank you.

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