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May 4, 2006 6:18 pm

Defeat at Brandeis

The headline says, Brandeis University pulls Palestinian art from exhibit [also, see this]. The article notes that the images were painted by Palestinian teenagers at the request of an Israeli Jewish student at at the Jewish-sponsored college who wanted to bring the Palestinian viewpoint to campus. But school officials said the paintings were too one-sided.

What the other side for 12 yr olds in a refugee camp looks like? I don't know.

You can see one of the images here. MondoWeiss has a bunch of follow ups as well. This post shamelessly references KC's post on academic freedom at Penn State.
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Jonathan Dresner - 5/5/2006

I don't think KC was speaking on a matter of law, as much as a matter of ethics, but I could be wrong.

I'm deeply disappointed at Brandeis, myself; the unwillingness to look at sincere criticism -- particularly when expressed as simple description -- is a deep flaw.

Brian Ulrich - 5/5/2006

Isn't Brandeis a private school? If so, they get to play by different rules.

Robert KC Johnson - 5/4/2006

Thanks for the info, of which I hadn't heard--this really is inexcusable on Brandeis' part. Especially in light of what was occurring at Penn State just a little bit before, one would think that the Brandeis administration would understand that censoring student art on the basis of political content isn't acceptable.

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