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May 28, 2006 5:34 pm

Things Noted Here and There

Amy Stevens will host the next History Carnival at Aqueduct on 1 June. Send your nominations of exemplary posts in history that have appeared since 16 May to amy*at*amystevensonline*dot*com or use Blog Carnival's submission form.

I'm told that no decent history blog would have failed to acknowledge the 388th anniversary of the second defenestration of Prague on 23 May. Cliopatria failed, but the Gleeful Gecko remembered. As GG says,"Go figure ..."

The New York Times' David Brooks must have been reading KC Johnson's posts at Cliopatria. See: Brooks,"The Duke Witch Hunt," NYT, 28 May. It's behind the NYT's firewall, but Margaret Soltan reproduces a large section of it at University Diaries. I suppose David writes his own stuff, but you certainly read it [and I certainly argued with it] here first.

Cambridge University Press is offering free trials of the"revised and updated Historical Statistics of the United States: Millennial Edition Online, a one-stop resource for statistics on slavery, ethnicity, elections, poverty, labor, health and virtually every other area of American history. ... The online version is fully searchable, downloadable and customizable." Write to hsus*at*cambridge*dot*org for a free trial of the online edition.

Historiblogography's Sam Shaw and other graduate students at UCLA have posted the website for Mephistos, 2007. It's the annual conference of graduate students in the history, anthropology, philosophy, and sociology of science, technology and medicine. Check it out.

Congratulations to our colleague, Sam Wineburg, who has recently joined our contributing editors, Jim Cobb, Michael Kazin, and Wilson Moses, in the Organization of American Historians' Distinguished Lectureship Program Having your department sponsor Sam's appearance on your campus would be an excellent way to stimulate some serious discussion about learning and teaching history.

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