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Sep 3, 2006 3:01 pm

Torture and Secrecy

There’s an important op-ed in the Washington Post that reminds us that torture in the name of the War on Terror is an everyday phenomena that you and I help pay for.

But don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself.

PS Here’s a question for you. A high ranking Al Qaeda leader has been captured in Iraq. Is there anyone reading this who doubts that he will be tortured?

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Oscar Chamberlain - 9/4/2006

I would like more than circumstantial evidence, too. To assume restraint seems foolish to me; to expect this administration to watch its own actions and provide that evidence, alas, seems more foolish.

(Having said that, let me reiterate my heartfelt admiration for those men and women in the military and the intelligence community who have resisted this and who have provided evidence. The problem is clearly a top-down one and not a rank and file one.)

A final thought We should be celebrating the capture of a major leader of this bloody insurgency. Bush's policies make it harder to do so.

Jonathan Dresner - 9/3/2006

Actually, the article you linked to about the arrest of al-Saeedi says that he gave information leading to almost a dozen other high-level arrests since being arrested himself a few days ago. It would make more sense to ask the question "Is there anyone reading this who doubts that he has been tortured?"

That said, I would want more than circumstantial evidence, particularly in a high-profile case like this which is under our (almost direct) control.

Craig Murray's article is indeed disturbing.

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