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Sep 28, 2006 6:52 pm

Still More Noted

Rob MacDougall hosts History Carnival XL at Old is the New New on Sunday 1 October. Send nominations of the best in history blogging since 15 September to him at electromail*at* robmacdougall*dot*com or use the form.

Gavin Bowd,"Liberty, Equality, and Fecundity," Scotsman. com, 24 September, reviews Lucy Moore's Liberty: The Lives And Times Of Six Women In Revolutionary France and David Lawday's Napoleon's Master: A Life Of Prince Talleyrand. It's a reminder of the limited vision of the revolutionary enlightenment. Thanks to Arts & Letters Daily for the tip.

Robert Birnbaum interviews Sean Wilentz, The Morning News, 26 September. An excellent interview. Thanks to Alfredo Perez at Political Theory Daily Review for the tip.

At Inside Higher Ed, our colleagues, Mark Grimsley and Scott McLemee, have back-to-back columns: Mark's"An Inappropriate Illness," Inside Higher Ed, 26 September, wherein he fields considerable discussion in the comments; and Scott's"A Liberal Dose of Reason," Inside Higher Ed, 27 September, wherein he reviews Michael Bérubé's What's Liberal about the Liberal Arts? Classroom Politics in Higher Education. Don't miss the podcast.

Finally, there's Dana Larson,"Popeye the Pothead," Canabis Culture/Marajuana Magazine, 2 February 05. Lately, the weed seems less threatening than spinach. What can I say? It [the article, that is] comes highly recommended by an anonymous tipster.

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