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Feb 13, 2004 9:36 pm

By Golly . . .

My nominee for this year’s nuttiest congressional candidate is Wayland Smalley, a Republican running for the open seat in Oklahoma’s 2nd District. Campaigning under the slogan of “By Golly, Vote for Smalley,” Smalley, a racehorse breeder, is raising his profile by sponsoring “shoot for Congress” gun events around the district.

Most original is his take on gay marriage, which he compares to legalizing polygamy, something that he contends would threaten national security."On 9-11," Smalley contended in a recent op-ed, “we saw what harem life can produce. A 47th son, such as Osama Bin Laden, rarely gets the quality time he needs with a father. Apparently, the results can be disastrous.”

The district was gerrymandered to elect a Democrat (it contains the remnants of Carl Albert's old political base), and so it seems rather unlikely that we'll see a Congressman Smalley in the House in 2005.

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Ralph E. Luker - 2/17/2004

Josh, _Surely_ you wouldn't vote for someone like Smalley on this issue alone! You could fill the Congress with gun-toting fools like him and they'd pass constitutional amendments you wouldn't want to pass.

Name Removed at Poster's Request - 2/17/2004

It looks like his shooting events will be tournaments, and the first prize will be a lifetime membership to the NRA. Cool.

Oscar Chamberlain - 2/13/2004

I hate to think that the only reason that he won't be a congressman is gerrymandering.

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