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May 4, 2007 8:55 pm

"Madness, Madness"

Florida is moving its Presidential Primary back to January 29. As the doctor said at the end of the Bridge on the River Kwai, ”Madness, Madness.”

Actually, it’s not the primaries being so early that haunts me; it’s the thought that we could have up to 9 months of a presidential campaign that follows. That’s long enough to have a kid, but at least with pregnancy, you get to make love first.

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Stephen Kislock - 5/6/2007

Living with Political Adnauseam, for nine months, is against the US Constitution "Cruel and Unthinkable Punishment".

Adam Carman - 5/5/2007

Good analogy. I agree with you that stretching a presidential race two years beforehand is disturbing. My solution would be to abolish the direct primary and go back to party leaders choosing their candidates in caucus. They don't take up as much of our time and simply by noting the nomination, you would know what each candidate stood for, because a Democrat would be a Democrat and a Republican would be a Republican. As it is, candidates get to frame the party platform which changes every time so we're really voting for the candidate who appeals to us more--not for the candidate who will represent our beliefs.

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