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Mar 11, 2004 4:16 pm

University of Southern Mississippi Faculty Vote ...

After President Shelby Thames' suspension of Professors Frank Glamser and Gary Stringer, the Faculty Senate at the University of Southern Mississippi voted 40-0 in favor of a resolution of no confidence in President Thames. Late on Wednesday afternoon, USM's general faculty met to consider the matter. It voted on two separate resolutions. On the first resolution, 430 faculty members voted no confidence in President Shelby Thames; 32 faculty members voted in favor of President Thames and against the resolution. The faculty voted 431 to 33 in favor of a second resolution seeking to reinstate Professors Glamser and Stringer. On the background to this action see this earlier post. See also this account of the USM faculty's action.
Update: The Gulfport Sun-American reports that President Thames has withdrawn an offer to allow Glamser and Stringer to return to the classroom for the remainder of the semester. The executive committee of USM's alumni association implores the state College Board to investigate and resolve the matter expeditiously. The College Board meets on 18 March, though the trouble at USM had not been on its agenda.
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