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Mar 12, 2004 2:48 am

"On the Unity of the Faith ..."

The Cliopatriarch of Philadelphia
Handed down a flaming bull.
It aimed at Chun the Unavoidable, but
Another prelate found it unapploidable.

The Cliomatriarch of Seattle
Cried out that it was "spinach".
Lest Ralph of Nadir split the realm,
They settled on ... Kucinich?!?

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Ralph E. Luker - 3/12/2004

Congratulations on your elevation. We'll have to set up something quite grand for the official investiture, of course.

Jonathan Dresner - 3/12/2004

"Cliopatriarch of the Pacific"? I haven't had a title that good since I was Secretary of Agriculture for my High School Great Books group....

Ralph E. Luker - 3/12/2004

David, Cliopatriarchs should not be of Winesburg or whatever. A metropolitan must have a metropolis. Thus the archbishop of Bardstown must necessarily have become the archbishop of Louisville, wherever he may live. Oscar will be the Cliopatriarch of Madison, I suppose, even tho officiating at Eu Claire. Jonathan's is a more difficult case. Honolulu is not bad, but being Cliopatriarch of the Pacific sounds even grander still, don't you think? Of course, if David were to join Cliopatria, the cliopatriarchate of Philadelphia would have to be divied up somehow and that could put the suburbs in their place!

David Lion Salmanson - 3/12/2004

Ralph, I had stopped reading the comments and missed Ophelia's reference to the greatest New Yorker cartoon of all time. Thank you, thank you for bringing it to my attention. However, Tim lives in Swarthmore, not Philadelphia. We city folk like to keep the suburbanites in their place. Er, wait a minute, we want them to come work and live in the city. Any chance, Tim, that we can get the alma mater to sell it's land and relocate to Germantown as part of the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative? Or at least open a satellite campus?

Ralph E. Luker - 3/12/2004

I am _so_ glad you said "spinach." Your banter on the comment boards -- wherever -- is a feast.

Ophelia Benson - 3/12/2004

Al Pope, look to thy laurels!

Very good, Ralph.

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