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Mar 17, 2004 4:37 pm

Don't Forget Venezuela!

As long as we're all wallowing in horrible news from both a liberty and terrorism perspective I thought I'd throw another smelly fish on the pile and remind everyone about the most unreported dictator in the world - Hugo Chavez.

In case you'd forgot, this despot has used threats, intimidation, bribery and military force to fend off legal attempts to have himself removed from office then 1000 miles from U.S soil. The Bush adminstration, obsessed with removing the guy who tried to kill Bush senior, has largely ignored Chavez primarily because he hasn't threatened to cut off the oil we need. The fact that he's invited in THOUSANDS of Cubans to"help" his country is getting virtually no play either among administration officials, conservative political commentators, or the press. It's stunning.

So kudos to the San Antonio Express News for trying to keep its audience appraised of this tyrannt's activities. As defenders of liberty we should do what we can to keep this story alive.

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