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Mar 26, 2004 2:44 am

Pardon Us, While We Confer ...

The Cliopatriarchs of Philadelphia and Upstate New York are in conclave over at the Cranky One's site, here and here. They are discussing, ah, matters of an epistemological nature, getting and giving Sage advice. It is hoped that their conclusions will have wide-ranging implications for others who have been handing down dogma elsewhere in the Blogosphere. See, for example: here (and just keep scrolling down), here, here (and just keep scrolling down), here (and just keep scrolling down), here, here, and here (and just keep scrolling down).
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Ralph E. Luker - 3/29/2004

Right. It's good to have a cranky cliopatriarch, don't you think?

Larry Davis - 3/29/2004

After I saw his response to the state religion vs legalized, I knew it was Cranky. No wonder his response is at it was.

thelrd in TEXAS

Ralph E. Luker - 3/26/2004

Damn, Michael, and here I thought that I had by some good fortune recruited Ferlinghetti in his conservative, Catholic incarnation as a member of Cliopatria.

Michael C Tinkler - 3/26/2004

Uh, "likes Ferlinghetti"? Quizilla thought I am Ferlinghetti. I certainly don't like him, preferring hard right Catholics like Chesterton and Francis Thompson. Anyone ever associated with a bongo either for performance of poetery or the liturgy loses big points in my gradebook.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/26/2004

Ah, you have discovered there is some diversity of opinion and thought among us at Cliopatria. I thought that the discussion between Tim and Michael was more interesting than getting the party-line message from either Reynolds or Marshall.

Larry Davis - 3/26/2004

I enjoy cranky once a week; I leave a note to him once in a while, but engaging him in dialog would be a waste of time because he has 4500 years of tradition backing him. I make comments when he mentions he likes Ferlinghetti--innocuous stuff, but somewhat suprising considering his general outlook. But on politics he is the hardright Catholic who follows Lileks and Reynolds.

I also enjoy this collective weblog.

thelrd in TEXAS

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