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Apr 4, 2004 2:46 am

Fighting a Googlebomb ...

When googling bondage+blog brings a reader to Cliopatria, it's amusing. It's slightly amusing to me that miserable+failure leads here. But, as Mobius at Jewschool, Norm Geras at Normblog, William Sjostrom at AtlanticBlog, Kevin Yaroch at Hladik's Document, Brian Ulrich at Brian's Study Breaks and Anne Zook at Peevish ... I'm Just Saying point out, anti-semites have used a googlebomb to put an anti-semitic site at the top of Google's list for"Jew". The only appropriate response is to return the fire. So, Jew.
Update: Slowly, ever so slowly, we are winning this one. Flood the zone!
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