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Apr 15, 2004 4:07 am

Look Who's Blogging Now ...

Despite the academic respectability and, even, distinction of my colleagues at Cliopatria, people occasionally get the impression that blogging isn't something that distinguished historians do. That notion gets harder and harder to sustain. Richard and Claudia Bushman are holding forth over at Times & Seasons. Dick is Gouverneur Morris Professor of History (emeritus) at Columbia and the author or editor of over a half dozen important books in American colonial history. Claudia continues to teach American Studies at Columbia and more than matches him book for book in American women's and Mormon history. Dick's recent post at Times and Seasons considering whether capitalism and the gospel are compatible stimulated a lively exchange of 108 comments. Keep on pitching ‘em, Dick. You can beat my record of 163 on History News Network.

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Russell Arben Fox - 4/15/2004

For anyone who cares, Richard will be blogging with us for a couple of weeks, and no doubt will stir the pot quite a bit. Feel free to drop by and add your two cents; it's a Mormon blog, but that doesn't mean we think Mormon perspectives are sufficient on their own; criticisms and insights from any perspective (so long as they're politely made) are always appreciated.

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