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Jan 22, 2008 4:23 am

The Effects of Mass Deportation

Trevor Bothwell has a great article at about what fully enforcing America's immigration laws, through mass deportations, would really entail. A choice excerpt:

To say this would be a messy affair would be an understatement of magnificent proportion. SWAT-style assaults and home invasions would be the order of the day. Today's ruthless, tyrannical drug raids would actually look tame in comparison as government thugs went door to door seeking out suspected illegal aliens. The right to privacy of citizens and non-citizens alike would consequently evaporate as property rights became a thing of the past. Chaos would ensue. Racial tensions would intensify as primarily brown targets would be ensnared by their primarily white captors. Protests and riots would erupt, the merits of which would be hard to dispute.

Children born as American citizens would be seized from their parents, automatically rendered homeless and converted into wards of the state as a result of such totalitarian behavior (Huckabee once seemed to understand the demerits of such atrocious behavior). Human beings who have come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families would be treated like animals as they were hunted, captured, incarcerated, and eventually deported. And this would merely be the fate of those who complied.

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Samantha Johnston - 1/22/2008

For a report on how one of these INS raids actually went down, please see "Immigration anxiety hits home, stays hot" in _The Portland Tribune_ (June 15, 2007):

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