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Apr 16, 2004 12:58 pm

Gen: Barry McCaffery: "beyond our elastic breaking point

[Excerpt from audio of NPR's Bob Edwards' interview with Retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey

BE:"But the security question, will that take more troops?"

BM:"We probably have enough troops to regain control of the national capitol and the lines of communication. But at this point there are no more troops essentially to send....8 of 10 army divisions are in movement into the theater or out right now. Essentially 70% of our combat power has been deployed. We've called up--from this deployment 40% of that deployment is national guard or reserve. We're down to 3 to 5 brigades of the army and marine corps strategic reserves, and we are at and beyond our elastic breaking point.

Hat tip: Historians Against the War listserve.

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