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Apr 18, 2004 2:48 pm

Kerry Calls for More U.S. Troops in Iraq

John Kerry has finally proposed his alternative to Dubya's Iraq policy and it includes sending in more U.S. troops! Many pro-war conservatives depict Kerry as a cardboard cut-out peacenik who wants to rely on the UN. His proposal indicates otherewise. Although Kerry calls for more UN troops, he stipulates that the main military force in Iraq be under U.S. command. If anyone can identify a significant difference between Bush and Kerry (not a mere rhetorical difference), I'd like to see it.

The effort of conservatives to portray Kerry as an antiwar or even pro-UN candidate does not hold water. At least on Iraq policy, he has given us an echo rather than a choice.

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Oscar Chamberlain - 4/20/2004

But Kerry does raise an uncomfortable question. Having destabilized Iraq, do we have a responsibility to leave it in at least a minimally stable form?

Let's face it. This was a legal war, approved of ahead of time by Congress. Yes the approval was predicated in part on the basis of--to put it kindly--an exaggerated view of the threat, but that is hardly the fault of the Iraqis.

Robert L. Campbell - 4/18/2004

Every time I hear a sound bite from Kerry about the war, I'm afraid he'll start intoning about "peace with honor"... like a certain president who is not widely missed.

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