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Apr 8, 2008 6:28 pm

More Noted Things (Tech Edition)

I am still looking around for the definitive history of geek clothes through the ages but this great photo essay - The history of computer data storage, in pictures - provides some classic examples.

A good supplement is this exhibit - Storage Photo Album at IBM. (The IBM-1311, IBM 3340 and the IBM-3410 being outrageously hip examples).

And if you are now on a ye olde computer kick (like me), you should head over to HP's Virtual Museum - which, sure, doesn't have cool models but does have this watch.

What's that? How did the micro-processor develop to keep pace with the growing storage and computing demands? The Intel Museum's Microprocessor Hall of Fame is here to help you.

All these photographs will, of course, make you curious and you will head over to Kodak and check out the nice chronology of imaging, itself. Also relevant, this timeline at Eastman.

You think these corporations want to hire a historian?

Late Update: While we are still in the techie edition, I want to highlight Trevor Owens' excellent notice on online compendiums like JSTOR, Zotero and the resulting Radical Transparency in Historical Writing. Worth reading/thinking about.

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